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About Minesoft.

Minesoft overview
Minesoft develops web-based products and customised solutions for the Intellectual Property information industry. The primary focus is on handling patent documents and information, offering a range of high quality services that locate, search and deliver worldwide patent-related data in a manageable way.

Competitive Intelligence products include Management Alerting Systems and Minesoft Patent tracker. Patent tracker offers a cost-effective way to monitor patenting strategies and legal procedures, as well as patent families and legal status. Minesoft's Patent Order document delivery service is widely used for obtaining copies of patent documents - also available as a corporate Intranet resource.

Minesoft and RWS co-produce PatBase, a searchable, international, patent family and full-text database covering many millions of patent documents filed all over the world. Since its launch in 2003, PatBase has become one of the most respected and widely-used searchable repositories of patent data anywhere. The international clientele of leading global corporations and law firms, as well as patent specialists and R&D researchers, rely on Minesoft products every day to deliver the accurate, cutting edge information they need.


Minesoft demonstrations and training

Minesoft runs regular demonstrations, webinars and training, as well as video tutorials on a variety of products and topics. Customised sessions to meet specific needs and objectives can be organised (in different languages). For further details please email Minesoft.

Development solutions

Minesoft, founded in 1996, develops its products and services in-house. With a strong, specialised development team, who understand the complexities of patent data, solutions for patents have been developed gradually as a result of experience gained working closely with large corporations.

Patent Archive , for instance, allows companies to manage the influx of new and existing patent applications being published around the world, and indeed, to publish their own patent database - a valuable internal patent asset for a corporation.

In a nutshell, Minesoft's products are used worldwide to keep researchers in tune with the very latest technological developments in their field, in order to maintain their competitive position in the fast-moving, highly competitive markets of today.