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Minesoft Patent Tracker alerts overview

Patent Tracker runs Alerts on the USPTO, EPO, British, German and Canadian Patent Registers and on the INPADOC patent family and legal status service, carefully checking details of each patent application or patent family record every week.

Keep track of your patents!

Patent tracker emails the latest details whenever new information is added, changed, or deleted for each patent application or family being monitored, highlighting changes in red. Report options include individual or group reports, on a weekly or monthly basis (if change occurs).

Patent Registers provide bibliographic and procedural data, from first publication of a patent application until the patent is granted. The grant procedure can be monitored step by step. For some Registers, it is possible to be notified only when certain key stages are reached, e.g. when an EP patent application is granted.

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Multi Tracker

Standard patent tracker alerts run on individual patent registers
In addition Multi tracker is an option that can be added to a tracker alert running on INPADOC® data.

New patent family members (equivalents) are monitored by selecting an INPADOC (Family) tracker, which covers patent family information for over 70 countries.

Patent families plus their legal status can be monitored by selecting an INPADOC Legal Status Alert, which covers basic legal status data from over 40 countries.

Selecting the Multi tracker alert option means an additional alert will be set up automatically on any of the national patent registers covered by Minesoft Patent tracker (such as the USPTO patent register) when a member of the family from one of these patent-issuing authorities appears in INPADOC.

This provides useful additional details and a higher level of monitoring for important cases.


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In safe hands

Patent tracker is fully maintained and hosted by Minesoft and requires no software expertise or loading of software locally. An Archive is maintained for clients, providing a useful
back-up facility for peace of mind.


The following examples show how Patent tracker reports highlight changed information:

Publication number: WO06035232
Monitoring INPADOC® data

Publication number:US20060026521
Monitoring the National Register: US PAIR

Publication number: EP1969453
Monitoring EPOLINE data

INPADOC® is a trademark registered by the EPO

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